Pixelbook 2 appears in YouTube TV ad highlighting those smaller bezels

The Pixelbook 2 leaks keep coming before the October 9 #MadeByGoogle event. This time around it’s reportedly a video ad for YouTube TV that shows off Google’s likely next Chromebook, found by Redditor uofmike.

Granted, this doesn’t show us any more than the recently spotted Google ad or the Facebook ads, but as they say, the third time’s a charm. All three sightings are consistent with early tips that the new Pixelbook would have smaller bezels. Note that in the still image from the video above, the screen is still opening, so the angle may look a little off. I don’t think that reduces the likelihood of authenticity though.

Of course, we still don’t know what’s on the inside of the new device, which I believe will run the eve-campfire build of Chrome OS. That’s the one that adds AltOS support for booting into Windows 10, either by a prompt upon startup or directly through a keyboard shortcut combo when pressing the Power button.

If Google does what I expect, the new Pixelbook will run on an Intel Core i5 8200Y processor, although it could offer a base model with an Intel Core m3 8100 chip. Odds of the latter are pretty slim though: It barely saves any money on the bill of materials or would add much (if any) battery life. I’m also thinking the same storage capacities as the current Pixelbook. Perhaps all models of the Pixelbook 2 could use faster NVMe storage like the top-end 2017 Pixelook in lieu of eMMC. That likely depends on the cost difference.

Otherwise, there won’t be much different unless Google adds an LTE option: A technical possibility since there’s been much recent work on LTE connectivity in Chrome OS. Now if we could just see leaks of any other new #MadeByGoogle Chromebooks, we’d be in business. Where’s that detachable Chromebook that could have an integrated stand similar to the Microsoft Surface? Hmmm…. that would be an instant purchase for me.

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