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Chromebooks get a dedicated Chrome OS release notes web page

When I worked at Google back in 2016 and 2017, I occasionally pushed for Chrome OS release notes but the requests mostly fell on deaf ears. It seems it was only a matter of time though because Chromebooks now have a dedicated page for high-level release notes, which you can find here.

Dinsan Francis first spotted this upcoming feature and shared it on his Chrome Story blog back in June. Today he reports that the page is live.

Like Dinsan, I think this is more of a high-level overview of new features or functions as opposed to a true list of release notes. But I can see why Google is taking this approach: It fits in with the “simplicity” of Chrome OS. Bogging mainstream users down with detailed code minutia is the exact opposite of simplicity.

I assume this release notes web page will be updated with every new Chrome OS release; we should find out shortly since Chrome OS 76 should hit the Stable Channel any day now. Indeed, the current release notes mention some, but not all of the features I’m expecting:

Although you could bookmark the release notes page, you don’t have to. Disnan reports that a “See what’s new” option will be added to the “About Chrome OS” settings.

What do you think: Are these high-level notes good enough or would you rather see more from Google with each new Chrome OS release?

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Kevin C. Tofel

2 thoughts on “Chromebooks get a dedicated Chrome OS release notes web page

  1. About right level IMO. It is remarkable how many words Chromebook bloggers can write about shelf icon size/shape changes – who cares?! Finally a single source of important information, without the tedious ‘noise’ over trivial changes. Can I unsubscribe from these blogs now?

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