Samsung Chromebook Pro discounted to $499 at Best Buy

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is normally priced at $599 and while you can often find it for less on Amazon, Best Buy is currently discounting the 2-in-1 Chromebook by $100. Even better, this is the model with 64 GB of storage, not the base 32 GB configuration that Samsung sells direct.

Best Buy shows this is as a “Student Deal” but I was able to add the Samsung Chromebook Pro to my online shopping cart at the $499 price; no need to include a valid student email address. In fact, they have inventory at my local store, so I could pick one up today at this price. I don’t see the discount in Best Buy’s current weekly ad so it’s possible that the discount continues beyond this week, although I wouldn’t wait if you’re in the market.

I tested out the ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook Plus last year but not this Pro model, which runs on an Intel Core m3 processor. That’s the main difference between the Plus and the Pro other than the black casing on this configuration; the Plus comes in silver.

I like that the 12.3-inch touchscreen display on the Samsung Chromebook Plus has the same 2400×1600 resolution as my Pixelbook. There is a stylus included (although I remember it being a challenge to get out of the Chromebook Plus) and the device does support the Google Play Store, so it works with Android apps. One thing this Chromebook has that isn’t on my Pixelbook: a microSD card slot for memory expansion. All in all, it’s a compelling package at this price, provided the Core m3 chip paired with 4 GB of memory will meet your needs.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Chromebook Pro discounted to $499 at Best Buy

  • July 22, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Kevin, I recently purchase this Samsung Chromebook at Best Buy for $479 which was cheaper than the Plus model. This is my first Chromebook or Chrome OS product and I’m really impressed with the functionality and versatility of this thing. My wife had an iPad that died and she wanted something that she could easily use to write emails, pay bills and of course get her social media fix on while still giving her the touch screen functionality that she was used to on the iPad. This really seems to fit the bill especially since she is in the Google ecosystem with gmail, photos and Google Drive. I realize that she isn’t a heavy user by any means but both of us find it pretty snappy with little to no lag for doing the normal everyday stuff as mentioned above and the screen is just beautiful for watching video from Netflix or Youtube. and for less than $500. I think if fits our needs to the tee.

    BTW I listened to you on TWIG talking about this website. Nice site and I look forward visiting more, reading and learning more about Chrome OS and the devices.

    ~Cheers, Leigh

    • July 22, 2018 at 10:01 pm

      Sounds like a Chromebook is a perfect fit for your wife, Leigh. Thanks for stopping by to check out the site – appreciate it!


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