Chrome OS 92 Stable update arrives: Here’s what you need to know (Updated)

After a few hiccups with Chrome OS 91 last month, Google released the Chrome OS 92 Stable Channel update on Monday. Here’s what you need to know about this release for Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices.

Could future Chromebooks with native Android and Linux apps run on Google’s Fuchsia OS?

Up until now, I didn’t see Fuchsia having much future impact to Chromebooks. A new design document for something called Starnix would bring support for Android and Linux apps to Fuchsia in a translation method similar to Apple’s Rosetta 2.

Google’s Phone Hub for Chromebooks has me considering a Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo and the Your Phone app integrates Android and Windows. Could Google’s Phone Hub for Chromebooks do the same? If so, count me in for a Surface Duo.

Some Chromebooks now support the Android Emulator for developers

Linux opened the door to Android development on Chromebooks thanks to Android Studio support. Now, a handful of devices open it further with support for Android device emulation within Chrome OS.

Microsoft brings Minecraft Education Edition to Chromebooks for students

After Minecraft disappeared for Chromebooks in the Google Play Store back in June, many wondered what happened. Now we know: Microsoft has made the Minecraft Education Edition compatible with Chromebooks, but you’ll need an Office 365 student account to play it.

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