How to install Android widgets on a Chromebook

Hopefully, Google will add optional Android widget support to Chromebooks in the future. Until that happens, give Taskbar a try: If you have a Chromebook running Android 9 Pie, you can use this app to add any Android widgets to your Chrome OS desktop view.

Stable version Chrome OS 72 arrives: Here’s what you need to know

While the official Google changelog list of features in Chrome OS 72 Stable Channel has some welcome additions, there’s plenty more goodness included behind these scenes.

Latest Chrome OS Canary build brings Google Assistant redesign and Android Pie 9.0 to Chromebooks

Forget waiting for Android 8 on Chromebooks, we’re going right to Android 9 based on the latest Chrome OS Canary build. Look for an improved Google Assistant and far better Android Camera app on Chromebooks.

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