Brydge C-Type USB-C / Bluetooth keyboard for Chrome OS debuts at $99 to order

The Brydge Type-C dual-connectivity keyboard for Chrome OS is now available for orders at $99. You get both USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity to type on your Chromebox, Chrome tablet or even your Chromebook.

Chromebooks getting Android’s Fast Pair Bluetooth headphones sync feature in 2019

Forget pairing Bluetooth headphones each and every time you use a new device: Google’s Fast Pair will sync those devices so you pair just once and then every device, including Chromebooks, will automatically work with them.

This LTE module could mean always on connectivity for the Pixelbook 2

The FCC is assigning new IDs to both a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module and an LTE chipset to none other than Google. There are many device possibilities here, but pairing this news with previous evidence of the Pixelbook 2 suggests a Google-branded LTE-capable Chromebook.

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