It appears Google has pulled the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel update from most Chromebooks

In mid-October, Google began updating Chromebooks to the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel. Now most devices show that Chrome OS 85 is the most recent, indicating a temporary pull-back of the latest software.

Chrome OS 85 quietly added AI-based handwriting recognition to some Chromebooks

Got a pen-enabled Chromebook? If so, chances are good that Chrome OS 85 added AI-based handwriting recognition to your device, turning that chicken scratch into readable text. Here’s what it looks like and how it works.

Chrome OS 86 plans to bring HDR video playback support on Chromebooks

Not even a handful of Chromebooks today can output proper HDR video content with the color pop that jumps off the screen. There are some Chromebooks in the works that will have HDR-capable panels, however and Chrome OS 86 will enable that feature.

These three Linux features for Chromebooks are getting pushed back to Chrome OS 84 or later

Heavy users of Linux on Chromebooks have been waiting for some key features to arrive in Chrome OS. As a result of prioritization, these three aren’t coming until Chrome OS 84 at the earliest.

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