Chrome OS 89 adds Android Phone Hub to Chromebooks, no experimental flag needed

Looks like we only have a few weeks left before Google’s Phone Hub appears on Chromebooks. The feature integrates some notifications and browser tabs between Android and a Chromebook. It’s automatically enabled in Chrome OS 89.

Chrome OS 88 adds native device performance monitoring to Chromebooks. Here’s how to use it.

Google is working on a hardware diagnostics app for Chromebooks and you can try it in Chrome OS 88. Here’s how to get info on your CPU and memory usage as well as some other useful information.

How to enable the experimental Screen Recording function on your Chromebook with Chrome OS 88

Ready to try the native screen video recording feature on your Chromebook? You’ll need Chrome OS 88 and one experimental flag enabled.
After that, you can capture full screen, partial screen or a window on video from your Chromebook.

How to turn your Chromebook screen saver into a Google Nest display of sorts with Chrome OS 88

It’s easy to customize your Chromebook screen saver to look more like a Google Nest smart display. With Chrome OS 88 you only get your choice of images or albums from Google Photos, the time and local weather. Perhaps this functionality is expanded in the future?

Chromebooks gain native support for 2FA and faster web sign-ins with Chrome OS 88

Your Chromebook PIN or fingerprint sensor will act as a 2FA method once Chrome OS 88 rolls out. This second layer of account protection keeps you safe even if your online account credentials are compromised.

Dark and light themes in Chrome OS 88 are looking good on Chromebooks

Over the last few weeks, code for an upcoming new light and dark theme on Chrome OS has made great progress. Take a look and you’ll see it’s now an easy switch when the feature arrives, likely in Chrome OS 88 for Chromebooks.

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