Looks like Google isn’t selling the Pixelbook any more. I’m OK with that even if there’s no successor

The Pixelbook is out of stock on Google’s store and many wonder if it will have a successor. Probably, but if not, I’m OK with that. Here’s why.

Google soon adding Linux support to older Chromebooks running on Intel Broadwell chips

Following experimental support for Linux on the Chromebook Pixel 2015 with Chrome OS 77, Google is moving the feature to eight other older Chrome OS devices.

Chrome OS software support dates extended for more than 130 Chromebooks

The AUE, or automatic update expiration, of many Chromebooks has been extended anywhere from six-months to two-years. Check the list to see how much longer you’ll get new Chrome OS features and patches.

Chrome OS 77 to bring Crostini (Linux beta) to Chromebook Pixel 2015, other older devices

Still rocking a Chromebook Pixel 2015 or other device from around that era? You’ve been missing out on Linux apps but that’s about to change with Chrome OS 77 next month, thanks to a kernel update.

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