Asus Chromebox 4 launches with 10th-gen Intel Core processors, WiFi 6

Asus will start to sell its Chromebox 4 with 10th-gen Intel processors and WiFi 6 next month. The base model is $289 for a Celeron; pricing goes up from there based on choice of CPU, memory and storage options, which include faster SSD this time around.

Brydge C-Type USB-C / Bluetooth keyboard for Chrome OS debuts at $99 to order

The Brydge Type-C dual-connectivity keyboard for Chrome OS is now available for orders at $99. You get both USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity to type on your Chromebox, Chrome tablet or even your Chromebook.

Reader question: “Is the Chromebase form factor on the verge of extinction?”

A new generation of Chromeboxes has recently breathed new life into the Chrome OS mini desktop form factor but a similar upgrading has not taken place for the all-in-one Chromebase form factor. Here’s why.

Viewsonic new NMP660 Chromebox for business and education expected in June

Back in March, Viewsonic announced its first Chromebox, the NMP660, would launch in April. Well, April came and went, so what happened? According to an email conversation with Viewsonic, the new Chromebox is pushed back to late June, although you can now special order one online from a third-party vendor. Viewsonic is targeting both the […]

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