Did you miss the new Asus fanless Chromebox with 10th-gen Intel chips at CES 2021? (I did.)

If I hadn’t just built a Windows gaming PC last summer, I’d consider this new Asus Fanless Chromebox that was quietly announced at CES 2021. A locked VESA mount solution and 10th-gen Intel chips are in every configuration.

Asus Chromebox 4 launches with 10th-gen Intel Core processors, WiFi 6

Asus will start to sell its Chromebox 4 with 10th-gen Intel processors and WiFi 6 next month. The base model is $289 for a Celeron; pricing goes up from there based on choice of CPU, memory and storage options, which include faster SSD this time around.

New Raspberry Pi 400 computer could be a nice Chromebook substitute for remote learning during COVID-19

While you won’t get all of the security, simplicity and speed of a Chromebook, the Raspberry Pi 400, paired with the Chromium browser could be a reasonable alternative for remote learning. And it starts at $70.

After pulling it, Google pushes the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel to Chromebooks again

Chrome OS 86 updates started to arrive on Chromebooks, then stopped and now they’re back. It’s been a wild two weeks for the Stable Channel, but it looks like we’re back on track.

HP brings Windows to Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for the enterprise

Windows 10 support on Chromebooks was announced in June and now HP is bringing it to the enterprise. Using Parallels Desktop and Chrome Enterprise, business workers can run Windows apps on or offline with a Chromebook.

Google soon adding Linux support to older Chromebooks running on Intel Broadwell chips

Following experimental support for Linux on the Chromebook Pixel 2015 with Chrome OS 77, Google is moving the feature to eight other older Chrome OS devices.

Chrome OS 77 to bring Crostini (Linux beta) to Chromebook Pixel 2015, other older devices

Still rocking a Chromebook Pixel 2015 or other device from around that era? You’ve been missing out on Linux apps but that’s about to change with Chrome OS 77 next month, thanks to a kernel update.

Four Chromeboxes next up to get GPU acceleration for Linux, likely in Chrome OS 74

Add another four devices to get GPU acceleration for Linux apps: A code change will bring it to the latest Chromeboxes, enabling light gaming functionality for Project Crostini.

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