Pixelbook and “Nami” Chromebooks the first to get Linux GPU acceleration in Project Crostini

The Pixelbook and four other fairly new Chromebooks have the special flag to enable GPU acceleration, making these the first to get the new feature for Linux. This should bring the Android emulator and improved gaming capabilities to Project Crostini.

Considering the Pixel Slate? Answer these two questions before you buy

Thinking about buying a Pixel Slate? These two key factors should be driving the purchase decision process because you’re paying a premium for portability and performance.

New Samsung Chromebook certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. New Plus, Pro or something else?

Samsung has a new Chromebook in the works, but there’s little information available just yet. It could be a refresh of the Chromebook Pro, or perhaps even a new model to compete with recently announced devices from Acer, Dell and Lenovo.

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