Did you miss the new Asus fanless Chromebox with 10th-gen Intel chips at CES 2021? (I did.)

If I hadn’t just built a Windows gaming PC last summer, I’d consider this new Asus Fanless Chromebox that was quietly announced at CES 2021. A locked VESA mount solution and 10th-gen Intel chips are in every configuration.

Virtual desks for Chromebooks getting a swipe gesture to switch desktops

The virtual desk feature for Chromebooks is expected to land in a few weeks with Chrome OS 76, including keyboard shortcuts. A new code commit suggests a four-finger swipe to move between workspaces may be added in time for the release.

This new feature brings more parity between the iPad and Chromebooks

With the new iPadOS, Apple is effectively negating a key advantage that, up to now, Chromebooks have had. There are still some benefits to using Chrome OS, but might some potential Chromebook buyers go iPad?

Chrome OS 76 improves desktop notifications by moving the “Clear all” button to the top

Tired of scrolling down, down, down through a stack of notifications on your Chromebook to clear them? Good news: Chrome OS 76 currently moves the “Clear all” option to the top of the stack.

Acer Chromebase 24v2 and 24vi debut for Hangouts, kiosks or business workstations

A pair of new Acer Chromebase devices with up to an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 are arriving this summer. These are ideal for group video, kiosks or business workstations in the enterprise although I know more than a few consumers that want a Chrome OS desktop.

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