How to securely set up your own Chromebook for your kid’s remote school learning

Many parents are asking what Chromebook to buy their kids for remote learning. If you don’t use your Chromebook full-time, here’s how to set up Family Link to securely share a Chromebook you already have with the kids.

Chrome OS getting a Quick Fix channel, likely for managed Chromebooks

First there were four Chrome OS channels and soon there will be a fifth called Quick Fix. It’s likely going to allow faster bug fixes for managed Chromebooks in the enterprise or schools.

Family Link for Chromebooks adds screen time limits, site & app whitelisting and parental management controls

Google added new Family Link features on Chromebooks that allow parents to have more control over how, and how long, their kids use Chrome OS devices. Not every family wants to manage devices, but for those that do, this is a great option to have.

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