Chrome OS 89 adds Android Phone Hub to Chromebooks, no experimental flag needed

Looks like we only have a few weeks left before Google’s Phone Hub appears on Chromebooks. The feature integrates some notifications and browser tabs between Android and a Chromebook. It’s automatically enabled in Chrome OS 89.

Chrome OS 88 adds native device performance monitoring to Chromebooks. Here’s how to use it.

Google is working on a hardware diagnostics app for Chromebooks and you can try it in Chrome OS 88. Here’s how to get info on your CPU and memory usage as well as some other useful information.

Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel arrives on Chromebooks: What you need to know

The Stable Channel of Chrome OS 86 is available for most Chromebooks, bringing improved accessibility features, UI changes and new features. Here’s what you need to know.

Chrome OS 87 Dev Channel brings working LaCrOS and Nearby Share to Chromebooks

Ready to try LaCrOS and Nearby Share on your Chromebook? You can do that with the Dev Channel of Chrome OS 87 now. Here’s how and what they look like to use.

Chrome OS 86 to make port forwarding for Linux on Chromebooks generally available

Developing apps in Linux on a Chromebook? You might have run into issues accessing them from Chrome OS. Port forwarding has been in experimental mode for several months but Chrome OS 86 makes this feature generally available.

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