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Google Assistant

Chrome OS 72 bringing Google Assistant to more Chromebooks: Here’s how it looks

Now that Google Assistant is a native feature on Chrome OS, meaning you can use it without having the Play Store enabled, it makes sense for most, if not all, Chromebooks to get it. This video demo shows you what to look forward to when it arrives.

Chrome OS 71 Stable adds new features with most of them available first on Pixel Slate

While most of the Chrome OS 71 features are first available for the Pixel Slate, all of them are welcome improvements. In particular, the native Google Assistant means you won’t need the Play Store installed to use the digital assistant.

Latest Chrome OS Canary build brings Google Assistant redesign and Android Pie 9.0 to Chromebooks

Forget waiting for Android 8 on Chromebooks, we’re going right to Android 9 based on the latest Chrome OS Canary build. Look for an improved Google Assistant and far better Android Camera app on Chromebooks.

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