About the recent Atlas / Pixelbook 2 CPU benchmarks: Why I don’t buy them (Hint: Android Studio)

Recent Geekbench listings suggest the next Pixelbook, likely Atlas, will use the same chipsets as the Pixel Slate. That doesn’t make sense for a few reasons.

Android Studio has an easier Chrome OS install and a recommended Chromebooks list

Chrome OS has mostly been a no-show so far at Google I/O, however the developer keynote highlighted a special Android Studio build and recommended Chromebooks to code Android apps.

How to watch the Google I/O livestream (and post-keynote commentary)

if you can’t be on-site at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, you can still catch the event live on the web. Right after the keynote ends, I’ll be joining This Week in Google on video for an overview and thoughts on the announcements. Tune in!

Google I/O 2018 preview: What to expect for Chrome OS

It’s nearly here: Tomorrow, Google kicks off I/O, its annual developer conference that often includes an exciting product announcement or two. With so much recent activity in the Chrome OS space, Android won’t be the sole star of the show, which is typically the case.

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