Using Zoom on a Chromebook is much better with a new PWA (Update: now available)

On Tuesday, the Google Play Store will have a new Zoom progressive web app available, making Zoom on a Chromebook a much improved experience with more desktop-like features.

As Chromebook gaming time nearly triples, Google highlights titles and services

Couldn’t snag an RTX 3080 before they sold out today? Google says don’t worry, there are new ways to find games for Chromebooks on the Play Store and great “works with Chromebook” controllers available.

Microsoft brings Minecraft Education Edition to Chromebooks for students

After Minecraft disappeared for Chromebooks in the Google Play Store back in June, many wondered what happened. Now we know: Microsoft has made the Minecraft Education Edition compatible with Chromebooks, but you’ll need an Office 365 student account to play it.

Sideloading Android apps on Chromebooks (very) tentatively planned for Chrome OS 74 or 75

It’s not an official commitment to a particular release, but Google is considering a way to sideload Android apps from outside of the Google Play Store on a Chromebook in the next few months. It’s going to depend on security and other priorities, however.

Chrome OS 71 Stable adds new features with most of them available first on Pixel Slate

While most of the Chrome OS 71 features are first available for the Pixel Slate, all of them are welcome improvements. In particular, the native Google Assistant means you won’t need the Play Store installed to use the digital assistant.

Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets LTE through Verizon for $599

Tired of tethering your phone or searching for Wi-Fi? Samsung has an answer for you: It added a Cat. 9 LTE radio for Verizon’s network to the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2, adding a $100 premium over the Wi-Fi only model.

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