Snapdragon 7c Chromebook test: “roughly equivalent to the Pentium Silver N5030”

Results from the first performance test of a Snapdragon 7c Chromebook compare favorably to Intel Celeron devices. But in a head-to-head against a Pentium it’s much closer.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 pre-orders begin with bonus store credits from Best Buy and Samsung

Samsung and Best Buy have started pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, starting at $549. Reserve one early and you can earn store credits for accessories and future purchases.

There’s a slew of new HP Chromebooks for education

HP has five new rugged Chromebooks for the classroom including two new convertibles and two new clamshells with a choice of Intel or MediaTek inside. Teachers can opt for a larger model to show off at the front of the class.

Acer debuts four rugged Chromebooks for education: Two with Intel and two with ARM inside

All four of Acer’s new Chromebooks for education are built to be tough in the classroom. Two run on Intel chips, while one uses the same capable MediaTek CPU as the Lenovo Duet Chromebook and another is powered by a Snapdragon 7c.

CES 2021: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 debuts as a cut-down convertible from $549

Announced in advance of CES 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 starts at $450 less than the original model. When you look at the reduced specs and features, you’ll see how Samsung achieved this.

The $250 Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook 14: Hands-on and initial impressions

I noted in my review of the $279 Lenovo Duet Chromebook tablet that for productivity, a full-sized Chromebook for around the same cost might be better. Here are my first impressions of the $250 Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook with 14-inch display.

The new budget HP Chromebook 11a launches at $219, already on sale for $169

The HP Chromebook 11a uses an older Celeron and has some chunky bezels around the 11.6-inch display, but a basic Chrome OS browsing machine for $219 is mind-boggling. And it’s already discounted by $50 at Best Buy.

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 Chromebook appears at online retailers in three configurations, starting at $359.99

Introduced in January, the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is now appearing for orders and pre-orders online in three different configurations ranging from $359.99 to $409.99. First deliveries are expected by June 2 for this 13.3-inch 1080p convertible Chromebook.

With limited market supplies, now might be a good time to grab a Lenovo Chromebook S340 for $249.99

With more people working or taking classes from home, Chromebooks seem hard to come by at retailers. However, the Lenovo Chromebook S340 ships next business day for $249.99, a good price for an entry level clamshell.

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