Chrome OS 92 Stable update arrives: Here’s what you need to know (Updated)

After a few hiccups with Chrome OS 91 last month, Google released the Chrome OS 92 Stable Channel update on Monday. Here’s what you need to know about this release for Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices.

Updated Chrome OS 91 Stable Channel fixes broken clipboard in Linux on Chromebooks

A Chrome OS 91 Stable Channel update was released this week that fixes the broken clipboard in Linux on Chromebooks. You can now copy and paste data between the two software platforms again.

Linux on Chromebooks: Underappreciated versatility as an app solution

Linux on Chromebooks is an oft-underappreciated option to extend the versatility of Chrome OS. Here’s a recent example of adding a music score composition app, complete with audio playback.

Could future Chromebooks with native Android and Linux apps run on Google’s Fuchsia OS?

Up until now, I didn’t see Fuchsia having much future impact to Chromebooks. A new design document for something called Starnix would bring support for Android and Linux apps to Fuchsia in a translation method similar to Apple’s Rosetta 2.

Microsoft brings official Visual Studio Code to ARM-powered Chromebooks

Coding on a Chromebook? If you have one with an ARM processor, you’ve got a new, official option to use for programming. Microsoft has added support for ARM-based Chromebooks in Visual Studio Code.

After a decade of Chromebooks, it’s time for Chrome OS to sort apps in the Launcher

I know Chrome OS is a “modern” system, but does that mean we have to sacrifice convenience? I’m talking about the app Launcher, which after 10 years of Chromebooks, still doesn’t have any kind of sorting feature.

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