Looks like Google isn’t selling the Pixelbook any more. I’m OK with that even if there’s no successor

The Pixelbook is out of stock on Google’s store and many wonder if it will have a successor. Probably, but if not, I’m OK with that. Here’s why.

FCC filing from Quanta suggests Atlas Chromebook, aka Pixelbook 2, getting improved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth chip

An FCC filing from Quanta shows a device with fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the FCC ID number looking similar to the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, this could be the first real hardware info on the Pixelbook’s successor, the Atlas Chromebook.

No new Google-branded tablets; Pixel Slate is now a collector’s item

From a rough launch to the end of the base model, the Pixel Slate has not been kind to Google. The company says it will no longer make Chrome OS tablets but instead will focus on traditional Chromebook form factors.

No more Google Chromebooks? If true, it’s not all “doom and gloom”.

Google is reportedly getting out of the Chromebook hardware business but we don’t know why, or if it’s even true. If it is, the negative impact is minimal and there could even be some positive aspect to come.

Reader question: Which Pixel Slate would be comparable to the Samsung Chromebook Plus?

Internally, the $499 Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 and base Google Pixel Slate at $599 are generally the same so performance should be comparable. You’ll have to decide if you want to pay a premium for a true tablet.

Google adds Wake on Voice function to Pixel Slate before October 9 launch

Need a hands free way to wake up the Pixel Slate? It’s likely you’ll have one since Google recently added a Wake on Voice function to its first Chrome OS tablet, expected to launch on October 9.

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