Chrome OS Bluetooth Fast Pair, Android chat app streaming from Phone Hub coming to Chromebooks

For CES 2022, Google announced several handy features coming to Chromebooks. Chrome OS Bluetooth Fast Pair is on the way and you’ll be able to use Android chat apps without installing them on your Chromebook.

Chrome OS 89 adds Android Phone Hub to Chromebooks, no experimental flag needed

Looks like we only have a few weeks left before Google’s Phone Hub appears on Chromebooks. The feature integrates some notifications and browser tabs between Android and a Chromebook. It’s automatically enabled in Chrome OS 89.

Here’s what Phone Hub for Chromebooks looks like in Chrome OS 87

The upcoming Phone Hub feature for Chromebooks is moving forward and you can see what it will offer, so far, in this early look video. My hope is that additional Android phone features are integrated but it’s too soon to say.

Google’s Phone Hub for Chromebooks has me considering a Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo and the Your Phone app integrates Android and Windows. Could Google’s Phone Hub for Chromebooks do the same? If so, count me in for a Surface Duo.

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