First look at what appears to be the Pixelbook tablet, aka: Nocturne

Chrome OS external keyboard images show an interestingly thin tablet that lines up nicely with the specs I’m thinking will be in Nocturne, expected to debut on October 9. Here’s what it looks like.

An HP convertible with LTE might be the Nocturne Chromebook: A twist on the Chromebook X2

Connecting dots between Chrome OS code changes, recent FCC tests and Google’s October 9 event suggests that Nocturne may be a revision of the HP Chromebook X2 with LTE and possibly a secondary thin keyboard attachment.

Atlas Chromebook, possibly the Pixelbook 2, gets fast NVMe support for SSD storage

The 4K Atlas Chromebook will have speedy NVMe support for its local storage, just like the current high-end Pixelbook. Could this be the high-end detachable laptop Google debuts on October 9 at its #MadeByGoogle event?

Will Atlas, Nocturne or both be a Pixelbook 2 at the #MadeByGoogle event on October 9?

The #MadeByGoogle hardware event is happening on October 9 in New York City where we should see at least one, if not two, new detachable Chromebooks. Will it be Atlas, Nocturne or both?

This LTE module could mean always on connectivity for the Pixelbook 2

The FCC is assigning new IDs to both a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module and an LTE chipset to none other than Google. There are many device possibilities here, but pairing this news with previous evidence of the Pixelbook 2 suggests a Google-branded LTE-capable Chromebook.

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