Google Store link shows Pixelbook, Chrome tablet and Pixel 3 orders start on October 9

A hidden Google Store link shows that new device orders may begin on October 9, the day Google is expected to show off a refreshed Pixelbook, the Chrome OS tablet code-named “Nocturne” and new Pixel phones. Get your credit cards ready!

Nocturne Chrome tablet to have higher resolution screen than Pixelbook with a 3000×2000 display

Google has quietly changed the Chrome OS code for Nocturne, its first Chrome tablet expected to launch at the #MadeByGoogle event on October 9: Instead of the originally planned 2400×1600 resolution, the screen res will be 3000×2000.

First look at what appears to be the Pixelbook tablet, aka: Nocturne

Chrome OS external keyboard images show an interestingly thin tablet that lines up nicely with the specs I’m thinking will be in Nocturne, expected to debut on October 9. Here’s what it looks like.

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