Why Pixelbook Go isn’t the Pixelbook 2, according to Google

The Pixelbook Go portents a change in Google’s Chromebook strategy as evidenced by the internals and starting price. Prior to getting my review unit today, I spoke with Google’s Ben Janofsky to discuss this change and learn more about the 18-month road to Pixelbook Go.

About the recent Atlas / Pixelbook 2 CPU benchmarks: Why I don’t buy them (Hint: Android Studio)

Recent Geekbench listings suggest the next Pixelbook, likely Atlas, will use the same chipsets as the Pixel Slate. That doesn’t make sense for a few reasons.

FCC filing from Quanta suggests Atlas Chromebook, aka Pixelbook 2, getting improved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth chip

An FCC filing from Quanta shows a device with fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the FCC ID number looking similar to the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, this could be the first real hardware info on the Pixelbook’s successor, the Atlas Chromebook.

Why it may not make sense to wait for Atlas, the likely next Pixelbook

With Google not considering Intel’s newest processors for Chromebooks yet, the next Pixelbook, aka: Atlas, won’t likely offer more, if any, performance than from currently available high-end devices. So why wait?

Pixelbook benchmarks appear with updated 8th-gen Intel processors. Is this the Pixelbook 2?

Recent benchmarks have appeared showing a Pixelbook with Android 9 running on 8-gen Intel processors that support Android Studio. Could the Pixelbook 2 simply be an internal refresh with little change on the outside?

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