How to easily share web content to PWAs or nearby devices on a Chromebook

Tired of using browser extensions to share content from your Chromebook? Here’s how to use a native feature to easily share web content to PWAs or nearby devices on a Chromebook.

How to install and use Google’s new Cursive app for Chromebooks

Google’s Cursive app for Chromebooks, originally exclusive to the new HP Chromebook X2 11, is now widely available. Here’s how to install and use it, even if without a pen-enabled Chromebook.

Microsoft ending Chromebook support for Office Android apps in September (Update: Google statement added)

After in-app messaging in Office for Android suggested that Chromebook users would be transitioned to the web, it’s confirmed. Microsoft is ending Chromebook support for Office Android apps.

Using Zoom on a Chromebook is much better with a new PWA (Update: now available)

On Tuesday, the Google Play Store will have a new Zoom progressive web app available, making Zoom on a Chromebook a much improved experience with more desktop-like features.

After a decade of Chromebooks, it’s time for Chrome OS to sort apps in the Launcher

I know Chrome OS is a “modern” system, but does that mean we have to sacrifice convenience? I’m talking about the app Launcher, which after 10 years of Chromebooks, still doesn’t have any kind of sorting feature.

Here’s what Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, look like on a Chromebook

Since I recently flipped from Stable to Dev to test Linux apps on my Pixelbook, I decided to install a few PWAs and generally, I’m impressed by the speed and the native look & feel of these. Here’s how to try them on your Chromebook.

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