New Raspberry Pi 400 computer could be a nice Chromebook substitute for remote learning during COVID-19

While you won’t get all of the security, simplicity and speed of a Chromebook, the Raspberry Pi 400, paired with the Chromium browser could be a reasonable alternative for remote learning. And it starts at $70.

Chromebooks for schools are generally sold out: Here are 3 options to get students online

With Chromebook demand much higher than supply, many students are struggling to get online for their virtual classes. Here are 3 options worth considering to get them productive.

How I code on a Chromebook using Python and a Raspberry Pi

There are several ways to code on a Chromebook, but many of the require extra effort, compromise security or cost too much. I’ve settled on a simple, inexpensive method to meet my requirements until a more native solution comes along.

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