Want an LTE Chromebook? Here are your current options (Updated)

I regularly hear from readers that want an LTE Chromebook. Sadly, you’re likely disappointed in the choices for an LTE Chromebook, but here you go.

Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 with LTE hits stores and online retailers

For $599 you can enjoy an integrated LTE connection in the newest Samsung Chromebook Plus. It’s possible that the device can be used with networks other than Verizon, or you can lock yourself into a 2-year service contract to save $100 on the Chromebook.

Reader question: Which Pixel Slate would be comparable to the Samsung Chromebook Plus?

Internally, the $499 Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 and base Google Pixel Slate at $599 are generally the same so performance should be comparable. You’ll have to decide if you want to pay a premium for a true tablet.

Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets LTE through Verizon for $599

Tired of tethering your phone or searching for Wi-Fi? Samsung has an answer for you: It added a Cat. 9 LTE radio for Verizon’s network to the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2, adding a $100 premium over the Wi-Fi only model.

In addition to the Samsung Chromebook Plus with LTE, there are three more new models coming

In addition to an LTE version of the Samsung Chromebook Plus, three new models with a range of chip and storage configurations are coming soon, starting at $499. What happens to the Samsung Chromebook Pro?

Samsung Chromebook Plus with LTE passes through FCC, likely launching soon

Although version 2 of the Samsung Chromebook Plus launched a few months ago, there’s a similar model with integrated LTE that was just tested by the FCC. How much of a premium will the always-on connectivity cost?

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