Early Black Friday deals: Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 and Pro discounted up to $150 off

If you don’t want integrated LTE, Samsung’s Black Friday deals on the Chromebook Plus v2 and Chromebook Pro can save you a bundle. The best deal may be the $449.99 Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 with a newer Intel Core m3 processor than the Pro model.

Reader question: Which Pixel Slate would be comparable to the Samsung Chromebook Plus?

Internally, the $499 Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 and base Google Pixel Slate at $599 are generally the same so performance should be comparable. You’ll have to decide if you want to pay a premium for a true tablet.

Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets LTE through Verizon for $599

Tired of tethering your phone or searching for Wi-Fi? Samsung has an answer for you: It added a Cat. 9 LTE radio for Verizon’s network to the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2, adding a $100 premium over the Wi-Fi only model.

In addition to the Samsung Chromebook Plus with LTE, there are three more new models coming

In addition to an LTE version of the Samsung Chromebook Plus, three new models with a range of chip and storage configurations are coming soon, starting at $499. What happens to the Samsung Chromebook Pro?

New Samsung Chromebook certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. New Plus, Pro or something else?

Samsung has a new Chromebook in the works, but there’s little information available just yet. It could be a refresh of the Chromebook Pro, or perhaps even a new model to compete with recently announced devices from Acer, Dell and Lenovo.

Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets an updated Intel processor and lower res screen for $499

Around 18 months after being introduced, the Samsung Chromebook Plus has a successor. Version 2 loses the ARM chip in favor of an Intel Celeron, has a lower resolution display and is a bit heavier for $499.

Samsung Chromebook Plus gets Linux apps through Project Crostini

Google is making good progress on bringing Linux apps to devices other than the Pixelbook: If you have a Samsung Chromebook Plus and don’t mind running on the Dev Channel, you too can take advantage of Project Crostini. Here’s how.

Why people (wrongly) assume Chromebooks have to be inexpensive

Almost every time I tweet about or mention the Pixelbook I purchased a few weeks ago, I inevitably hear that the device costs too much. But Google has always focused Chrome OS and Chromebooks on what it calls the “three S’s” — Simplicity, Speed, and Security — for a range of markets.

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