$100 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 makes it a better value

I was a little put off by the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 when it launched in January. Now, a current $100 discount on it makes this Chromebook a better value.

CES 2021: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 debuts as a cut-down convertible from $549

Announced in advance of CES 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 starts at $450 less than the original model. When you look at the reduced specs and features, you’ll see how Samsung achieved this.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 specs suggest QLED display, Core i3, and $699 starting price

After the first Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 renders leaked online, a spec sheet with a few hardware details followed. It appears Samsung is cutting the price down to $699 by moving to a QLED panel, removing the fingerprint sensor and going with a 10th-gen Intel Core i3 chipset.

First look at Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 shows minor but important design changes

Don’t expect many visual changes on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2. In fact you might mistake it for the current model based on this leaked image. Look closer though and you can see some important design differences.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook gets a $100 discount, but a better deal is coming soon

If you’ve held out for a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, you can find it discounted by $100 today, bringing the price to $899. Just keep in mind that on Black Friday, it will be discounted by $200.

Second chance deal: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook discounted 20% to $799

Did you miss the 20% off sale on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook with 4K AMOLED display last month? Looks like you get a second chance: This 10th-gen Core i5 convertible Chromebook is on sale for $799 again.

The $999 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is discounted to $799

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook was the first Project Athena device running Chrome OS, coming with a gorgeous 4K OLED display. At $999 it’s still a tough sell due to battery life but this $200 discount might help to overlook that.

Chrome OS 86 plans to bring HDR video playback support on Chromebooks

Not even a handful of Chromebooks today can output proper HDR video content with the color pop that jumps off the screen. There are some Chromebooks in the works that will have HDR-capable panels, however and Chrome OS 86 will enable that feature.

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