How to use Skype for Web on a Chromebook now that Microsoft isn’t supporting it

With an updated Skype for Web service, Microsoft has eliminated support for all but the Edge and Chrome browsers on certain hardware. To get around this on a Chromebook, you can use this trick.

Audio support for Linux on Chromebooks appears to be pushed back to Chrome OS 74

After making good progress on audio support for Linux apps on Chrome OS, the feature appears to have missed the cut for Chrome OS 73: Tune in to Chrome OS 74, at the earliest, for audio playback in Project Crostini.

Don’t expect to record audio or have Skype video chats using Linux for Chromebooks any time soon

Sound support is still in the works for Linux apps on Chromebooks, but the first function will simply be that: Sound playback. Audio recording is slated to follow and camera access — needed for Skype video — isn’t even on the roadmap yet.

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