Cheza Chromebook confirmed to get Project Crostini support for Linux apps

The detachable Chromebook known internally as Cheza and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 should have Linux app support through Project Crostini based on a new code commit.

Code confirms Cheza is a detachable Chrome tablet like the Pixel Slate

In case you doubted that the Snapdragon 845-powered Chrome OS device code-named Cheza would be a detachable tablet, a code commit today confirms it. Expect a 12.3-inch Chrome slate with a second battery in the keyboard.

Why Cheza, the Snapdragon 845 Chromebook, could run for 20+ hours on a charge

The Cheza Chromebook — essentially a detachable Chrome OS tablet — will use the Wand keyboard which has its own internal battery. Code suggests the two power packs will work together and that could bring some serious run time on a charge.

Cheza Chromebook with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 will have speedy UFS storage

The upcoming Snapdragon 845 powered Chromebook known as “Cheza” will take advantage of a faster embedded storage method known as UFS, or Universal Flash Storage. That means large files will transfer extremely fast with simultaneous reads and writes.

Cheza is a Qualcomm 845 detachable Chromebook, likely similar to Microsoft’s always on PCs

Work on a Chrome OS device called Cheza began in December but lately the Chromium team has been ramping up efforts. Code suggests a Qualcomm 845 chip with LTE powering a detachable display Chromebook.

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