How I turned an old Chromebook Pixel into a native Linux laptop running Ubuntu

Got an old Chromebook lying around that’s not getting software updates anymore? One option is to flash the firmware so you can install whatever OS you want. I did just that by installing Linux on a 2013 Chromebook Pixel. Here’s how.

Linux for Chromebooks could get an installation menu for different distros

Got Crostini on your Chromebook? Then you likely have Debian Linux installed since that’s the default. Google could take an approach similar to Microsoft and provide Linux distro options through a menu.

Samsung DeX is darn close to the “Chrome Phone” I’d like to see

I’ve been pondering what a Chrome Phone would look like since 2013. We’ll probably never see one but if you want to get an idea for the concept, look no further than Samsung DeX, which bridges the mobile and desktop computing paradigms.

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