It appears Google has pulled the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel update from most Chromebooks

In mid-October, Google began updating Chromebooks to the Chrome OS 86 Stable Channel. Now most devices show that Chrome OS 85 is the most recent, indicating a temporary pull-back of the latest software.

Google announces 8 years of Chrome OS software updates for all new Chromebooks (Updated)

Google has largely addressed the oft-mentioned “built-in obsolescence” and return on investment arguments against Chromebooks by announcing 8 years of automatic Chrome OS updates for all new devices.

It’s time for Chromebook users to have more control over Chrome OS automatic updates

Automatic Chromebook updates are a great thing, until they’re not, as shown by the recent issues with Chrome OS 75. Maybe it’s time for users to have a little more control around the update process, similar to how GSuite managed devices have.

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