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How to enable the experimental Screen Recording function on your Chromebook with Chrome OS 88

Ready to try the native screen video recording feature on your Chromebook? You’ll need Chrome OS 88 and one experimental flag enabled.
After that, you can capture full screen, partial screen or a window on video from your Chromebook.

Talking Pixel Slate usage and productivity on This Week in Google: Is it a tablet or a laptop?

Is the Pixel Slate a tablet first and laptop second? Can you be productive solely with a tablet or do you really need a keyboard? We tackled these and other related questions on This Week in Google, where perhaps some initial device perceptions were changed.

Don’t expect to record audio or have Skype video chats using Linux for Chromebooks any time soon

Sound support is still in the works for Linux apps on Chromebooks, but the first function will simply be that: Sound playback. Audio recording is slated to follow and camera access — needed for Skype video — isn’t even on the roadmap yet.

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