Chrome OS 78 will bring the keyboard shortcuts to Virtual Desks on Chromebooks

While the new Virtual Desks feature of Chrome OS landed with version 76, the keyboard shortcuts to use them on a Chromebook didn’t. And they won’t be here for Chrome OS 77 either.

Virtual desks for Chromebooks getting a swipe gesture to switch desktops

The virtual desk feature for Chromebooks is expected to land in a few weeks with Chrome OS 76, including keyboard shortcuts. A new code commit suggests a four-finger swipe to move between workspaces may be added in time for the release.

Chrome OS 76 adds keyboard shortcuts to virtual desks on Chromebooks

Although virtual desk workspaces are coming to Chromebooks in Chrome OS 76, there’s one missing feature: Keyboard shortcuts. It’s not missing any longer: Here are the just added key combos to move between apps and workspaces.

Chrome OS 76 bringing virtual desktops to Chromebooks, similar to mac OS, Windows

Up to four virtual workspaces will be available in Chrome OS 76 according to a Google I/O developer session. This latest video look of the feature shows fast animations and the addition of app thumbnails on all desktops.

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