Chrome OS 75 for enterprise brings Linux container VPN, PIN code for printing and more

Chrome OS 75 is available for enterprise Chromebook customers, bringing improved network security, Android device access over USB in Linux and more printer controls.

Chrome OS to bring Android VPN support for Linux apps on Chromebooks

Using an Android VPN app on your Chromebook? That’s great as long as you stay in Chrome OS: You won’t get VPN security when using Linux apps. A recent code commit suggests that Chrome OS will extend Android VPN support to Linux, however.

VPN TUN support coming soon to Linux on Chromebooks with Crostini

A small code change will lead to a largely desired function, particularly for enterprise users: VPN support for Linux apps in Crostini on a Chromebook. Yes, you can use an Android VPN app for Chrome OS, but that security won’t extend to Linux.

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