What’s the difference between Developer Mode and the Dev Channel on a Chromebook?

New Chromebook owners eventually hear about both Developer Mode and the Dev Channel of Chrome OS, wondering if they’re the same thing. They’re not. Here’s an explanation and how to change Chrome OS channels on your Chromebook.

How to get Chrome OS updates on a Chromebook after its AUE, or auto-update expiration date

Got an old Chromebook that’s passed its AUE, or automatic update expiration date? Consider giving CloudReady a try: The Chromium OS-based platform may work on your old device and bring you security updates long after Google stops providing them.

Reader question: What’s a good Chromebook for a 10-year old to learn programming?

Looking to get a starter Chromebook for a younger child to learn some programming online or run Android apps? You don’t have to break the bank: Here are a few good options to consider.

Which Google Pixel Slate should you buy? Here’s a guide to answer that

So you’ve decided to buy a Pixel Slate once it becomes available. Ok, but which of the five configurations should you get? Here’s a guide to help you through the process, regardless of your budget.

Considering the Pixel Slate? Answer these two questions before you buy

Thinking about buying a Pixel Slate? These two key factors should be driving the purchase decision process because you’re paying a premium for portability and performance.

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