Here are the Brydge Wallaby and Goanna keyboards for Chrome OS tablets

Earlier today I noted that Chrome OS would be supporting a range of interchangeable keyboards for Chrome tablets. This is great news because it will bring choices and options to what I expect will be a number of Chrome tablets in the coming months. Or even in the coming weeks since Google is holding an event on October 9 where a detachable or tablet is widely expected.

I thought that is odd that the Chrome OS code for these keyboards changed recently: Brydge, a maker of third-party keyboard bases for the iPad, was originally mentioned. Later, Brydge was swapped out for the name Wallaby, so I did some digging. My research yielded not one, but two Brydge keyboards coming for Chrome OS.

Say hello to Wallaby and Goanna:

Wallaby keyboard from Brydge top view with Assistant and Hamburger keys
Wallaby Bluetooth keyboard from Brydge angled
Goanna Bluetooth keyboard angled from Brydge
Goanna Bluetooth keyboard top view from Brydge

I was unable to find any pricing information on these but my gut says we’ll know that soon. If nothing else, I figure Google will mention these keyboards at the October 9 event, even if pricing and availability info will later follow. It appears both use Bluetooth for connectivity to a Chrome tablet: The Goanna wireless keyboard is….¬†well, wireless…. and the top-down image of Wallaby shows a gap between the display and base. If Wallaby used pogo pins to connect the display to the keyboard, there wouldn’t be a gap.

One last thought: Is this an actual Chrome tablet in the Wallaby pictures? It appears to be just that and I have more thoughts here.

One thought on “Here are the Brydge Wallaby and Goanna keyboards for Chrome OS tablets

  • September 19, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    I wish someone would also make a really nice, big trackpad as well. Something like Logitech’s T-650 before they discontinued that without ever replacing it. Goanna with one of those would make a killer combo for docking a Chromebook to a larger screen.


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