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HP Chromebook X2 with Core i5 and 8GB of RAM is available… in France

Scanning the HP website, I noticed my search for “Chromebook X2” yielded more than the typical four results I usually see. I don’t know when the site was updated, but today I saw 10 different HP Chromebook X2 model numbers. Digging around, I found that one of them is the elusive model with an Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of memory. From what I can tell, it’s available in France for now and costs €799.00.

Here’s a listing of the device specs in French (PDF) that even without translating you can see the upgraded CPU and memory specifications. Also of note is the 64GB of local storage, which is double the capacity in the $599 model available in the U.S.

Some of the other models are for other EU regions such as the UK and Ireland but this is the first time I’ve seen the actual fully upgraded model existing. Not long ago I wondered if we’d ever see the Core i5 and 8GB configuration, and although you can’t get one in the U.S., this is at least promising.

Even if we do see a U.S. version though, might it be too late for meaningful sales? We have a Google hardware event next week where it’s expected Google will launch a Pixelbook 2 and the “Pixel Slate” if that’s the official name of Nocturne.

Sure those will probably be more expensive than a top-of-the-line HP Chromebook X2, but they’ll very likely have Intel’s 8th-generation chips inside. The Chromebook X2 uses the prior generation of chipsets.

I also suspect Google’s devices will have more memory and local storage than the X2; possibly even a range of choices which is something we’ve have to wait for — well, we’re still waiting for — in the Chromebook X2.

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Kevin C. Tofel

9 thoughts on “HP Chromebook X2 with Core i5 and 8GB of RAM is available… in France

    1. Agreed: There’s *literally* one part to swap in/out for different CPU, memory and storage. Very odd.

  1. If it’s >£700 in the UK then I’m going to wait until I visit the USA next and save £200. I can live with the change in keyboard chars for that kind of money.

  2. I wonder if you still can’t buy a replacement Chromebook X2 stylus from HP. I have contacted HP multiple times and I even have the part number: Stylus Part number: L23054-001 Pen name: RIVERS PEN. HP tells me that I can’t order it.

    1. That’s just silly. Why the heck would they not have replacements for the stylus? #Sigh

      1. I know. I just hope I don’t have to replace the keyboard! I might be switching over to the new Slate…

  3. I buy one today (in France) and can confirm for the backlit keyboard but 2400×1600 res (ref f000nf)

  4. If this unit had been available in the US….it would’ve literally DESTROYED the market for the Pixel Slate. I wonder how much Google paid HP to NOT sell it in the United State.

    I would’ve traveled to the UK or France to buy one, if I’d know it was available. ?

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