My pick for 2020 Chromebook of the year

After choosing the Pixelbook Go as my Chromebook of the year in 2019, choosing one for 2020 was a more difficult choice. My top three ranged from entry-level to near high-end pricing. Which one won out and why?

Google Store discounts Pixel Slate between $300 and $700, includes keyboard and pen

Google has discounted its Pixel Slate in the past, but not this much: Between $300 and $700, including pen and keyboard. Could this be the end of Pixel Slate inventory and should you buy one? My thoughts.

Using a mouse? Here’s how to disable the trackpad on your Chromebook

Using a mouse with your Chromebook or Chrome tablet? You might accidentally graze that trackpad when typing. Here’s how to disable the trackpad so that doesn’t happen.

Black Friday 2019 deal: Pixel Slate with keyboard and pen, starting at $449

I don’t think you’ll see a better deal any time soon on the Pixel Slate bundle deals that went live today. All models are $350 off and include both a Slate keyboard and Pixelbook Pen.

Who is the Google Pixelbook Go for, and not for?

Two weeks of using the Pixelbook Go shed more light on just who this Chromebook is, and isn’t for. Keep in mind: It’s not a budget Chromebook. Pixelbook Go is a budget Pixelbook.

Why Pixelbook Go isn’t the Pixelbook 2, according to Google

The Pixelbook Go portents a change in Google’s Chromebook strategy as evidenced by the internals and starting price. Prior to getting my review unit today, I spoke with Google’s Ben Janofsky to discuss this change and learn more about the 18-month road to Pixelbook Go.

Amazon deal offers nearly $450 off on Google Pixel Slate and keyboard bundle

If your only major knock against the Google Pixel Slate was the high price, you just ran out of excuses to buy one. You can get $250 off all three Pixel Slate models and get an included Pixel Slate Keyboard worth $199.

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