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HP Chromebook x360 and Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 prices cut at Best Buy

Not pre-ordering a Pixel Slate to keep your budget intact? That’s OK because there are some good deals on two brand new Chromebooks today at Best Buy. Both have 8th generation Intel processors, full HD touchscreens and a generous amount of memory and storage.

First up is the HP Chromebook X360, which is similar to the HP Chromebook X2 detachable device; this is a 2-in-1 though, so you can’t remove the display for tablet mode. HP normally sells the X360 for $599 while Best Buy ups the price to $649. However, I noticed a $100 price drop on Best Buy’s site this morning, making the final price $549.

The processor is an Intel Core i3-8310U, which should be enough to handle typical Chromebook use for browsing and Android apps. I don’t see why this 2-in-1 wouldn’t have Linux app support either. That chip is paired with 8GB of memory and 64GB of flash storage as well. The 14-inch 1080p touch display also has smaller bezels on the side for a more “edge-to-edge” design. Overall, at this price, the HP Chromebook X360 might hit the sweet spot for a mid-range, modern Chromebook.

If you don’t mind spending $100 more for a larger, more powerful device, Best Buy has also cut the cost of Lenovo’s Yoga Chromebook C630: it’s down to $649 from its typical $699 price for this Best Buy exclusive configuration. Lenovo sells the base model of this device direct for $599, but the Best Buy version bumps up both the processor and storage. I’d probably drop the extra $50 for this model which gets you an Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage. The 15.6-inch touch display is also 1080p resolution.

With these specs, this device should handle use cases even for developers. In fact, these are nearly the same internals as the $999 Pixel Slate I just ordered, although the Lenovo has a U-series processor that can run longer under heavy loads than the expected Y-series in the Pixel Slate.

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Kevin C. Tofel

8 thoughts on “HP Chromebook x360 and Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 prices cut at Best Buy

  1. Too bad these are the odd colors, I would go for the Lenovo if it was black. I wonder how long it will be before the black becomes available. Black Friday maybe?

  2. I have the Lenovo Yoga and it looks dark enough. It may not be black but it looks just fine to me. Color aside, this thing is a beast! it will do anything I throw at it.

  3. Sorry to post the same question I asked in another thread but I’m still soliciting opinions. Is there a strong argument to be made in favor of the 4K screen (when it becomes available) on the Lenovo C630?

  4. Hey Kevin, I am considering the Lenovo Yoga C630 direct from Lenovo because I want a backlit keyboard. However, Best Buy, and presumably others, will have the Pixelbook on sale for $700, which is basically the same price as the Lenovo. Which one would you buy? Is as lower priced but older Pixelbook (7th gen I5 versus 8th gen I5) worth it?

    1. Although it looks like the comparison is between the 7th-gen and 8th-gen Core i5 CPUs, it’s a little more complex of a decision to me. If you for for the newer chip in the Lenovo, you’re also getting more weight and a lower resolution display, for example. I personally don’t want a Chromebook as big and heavy as the Lenovo, so I’d opt for the Pixelbook or something else newer that’s lighter and smaller. That’s just me though. You may be happier with a larger display, for example. Not sure that helps but it’s difficult to make the decision when you and I may have different needs / preferences. 😉 FWIW, I don’t think there will be a massive performance difference between the two if they both have the same amount of memory.

  5. Between the base Pixelbook (i5/8/128/ssd), the HP x360 14 (i3/8/64) and the Lenovo Yoga C630 (i5/8/128) , is there going to be a performance difference?

    The Pixelbook seems to have the best specs but the screen is a little small for my liking. I also would prefer a backlit keyboard, standard USB and memory card slot; Pixelbook doesn’t have any of these things but I can live without them. The Lenovo feels a little large to me. The x360 seems to hit the sweet spot with respect to form factor but it has the i3 processor instead of i5.

    What kinds of things are going to cause a noticeable difference in performance between i3 and i5?

    This is my first foray into Chromebooks so I don’t know how much I’ll be using Android apps but I am the type of person who always has way too many browser tabs and windows open. That’s probably the most taxing thing I do to any computer I use. I know more RAM helps with that but I don’t know if a faster processor makes a difference.

    Please do not consider a price a factor in this. I keep my computers for a long time and they are all comfortably in my budget. Just trying to figure out if I’m making a compromise in performance by getting the HP.

    1. From the research I’ve just started doing, it seems that I prefer the extended battery life, cost, and potentially less fan use in the 8th gen i3 vs the slight loss in performance from the i5. I’m looking at the x360 and the C630 too.

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