Logitech K580 likely to be a Chrome OS wired & wireless keyboard

The above image is a Logitech K480 wireless keyboard that’s currently available. I’m only showing it because I’ve stumbled on to information that strongly suggests there will be a new model called the Logitech Slim Multi-Device ChromeOS Edition K580. Sorry, no pics of it yet, just some basic information.

I noticed a new keyboard referenced as the Kata in the Chromium commit logs:

At first glance, all I could glean was that this keyboard, like the Pixel Slate and Brydge keyboards, will use the newer Chrome OS layout. Then I noticed the vendor IDs, which are unique. And guess who has vendor ID 046d? Logitech.

So that led me a little further down the trail. On a hunch, I hit up the FCC database and searched for recent Logitech filings. Sure enough, there’s a wireless and USB keyboard application grant from June 24. The device under test isn’t shown in any images – they’re held back in confidence until later this year – but at least I confirmed that Logitech is making some kind of wired and wireless keyboard.

Undaunted, I hit up a database of Bluetooth device certifications and found the confirmation I was looking for: There are two recently certified keyboards and one of them is for Chrome OS. In fact, the Bluetooth certification was published earlier today.

That’s all I know for now. Logitech will launch a Chrome OS-specific version of the K580 keyboard that will work with either USB or Bluetooth. One nifty feature, according to the FCC docs I read, is that it will have a rechargeable battery so that when you’re using the K580 over USB, the battery is topped off for Bluetooth usage.

No idea on price (I anticipate lower than the $99 Brydge Type-C shown below), availability or what it will look like – although it could take design cues from the K480 based on the model number. Stay tuned for another keyboard option for the Pixel Slate, other Chrome OS tablets or Chromeboxes.

3 thoughts on “Logitech K580 likely to be a Chrome OS wired & wireless keyboard

  • July 20, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    Chromebook sales must be significant because Logitech is probably the most popular brand for input devices. Regrettably, Google’s placement of the Search key was a big goof up because it took away a key position that most of us have used frequently and automatically since the beginning of time. I remapped my Caps Lock back where it belongs, but then I had to map the Search key to the esc key. That works OK because an esc key really isn’t essential when using a Chromebook. I just wish that the first four keys of the top row of Chrome OS keyboards could be remapped, not just the esc key. Probably most of us rarely use those keys or the Lock key because the mouse/touchscreen option is quicker.

    • July 20, 2019 at 3:49 pm

      on the other hand good riddance to the Caps Lock key – it’s always gotten in the way for me by accidentally getting tapped on an edge when going for a nearby key – to me Google didn’t goof up at all!!

  • July 20, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    I agree with CajunMoses- After typing for half a century with a Caps Lock key in the same place, for Google to ‘insert’ their own new key there is just stupid.
    And HOW are we supposed to perform the left-handed gymnastics to produce a ‘Alt-Search’ with near the dexterity of hitting that one key? It’s just wrong… but I guess too late to ever retract their mistake.
    I do use ESC sometimes though so I’m wondering about the modification mentioned.


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