Google Store discounts Pixel Slate between $300 and $700, includes keyboard and pen

Google has discounted its Pixel Slate in the past, but not this much: Between $300 and $700, including pen and keyboard. Could this be the end of Pixel Slate inventory and should you buy one? My thoughts.

Black Friday 2019 deal: Pixel Slate with keyboard and pen, starting at $449

I don’t think you’ll see a better deal any time soon on the Pixel Slate bundle deals that went live today. All models are $350 off and include both a Slate keyboard and Pixelbook Pen.

Amazon deal offers nearly $450 off on Google Pixel Slate and keyboard bundle

If your only major knock against the Google Pixel Slate was the high price, you just ran out of excuses to buy one. You can get $250 off all three Pixel Slate models and get an included Pixel Slate Keyboard worth $199.

Google discounts the Pixel Slate by $250 and includes your choice of keyboard

Until September 5, you can save $250 on any Pixel Slate and get a free keyboard, worth up to $199. Sure, there won’t be a Slate successor, but it will still get new features and software updates through June 2024, making this a great deal.

Google deal cuts $250 off the price of any Pixel Slate with a keyboard buy

Google is following up last month’s Pixel Slate deal with a new one: Buy a keyboard for the Chrome OS tablet and you’ll get $250 off a Pixel Slate through August 18.

Pixel Slate is $100 off and includes a free Google or Brydge keyboard

If the Pixel Slate meets your needs, this week is a great time to buy one. Google is selling all models of the Chrome OS tablet for $100 off and including your choice of either Google or Brydge keyboard.

Review: Belkin $50 desktop keyboard for Chrome OS that holds the Pixel Slate

Although designed for the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, Belkin’s USB-C desktop keyboard with stand works well with the Pixel Slate and costs $50. There are some limitations but it’s worth the look if you want to type away on a desk or other flat surface.

Talking Pixel Slate usage and productivity on This Week in Google: Is it a tablet or a laptop?

Is the Pixel Slate a tablet first and laptop second? Can you be productive solely with a tablet or do you really need a keyboard? We tackled these and other related questions on This Week in Google, where perhaps some initial device perceptions were changed.

Pixel Slate and Pixel Slate Keyboard review: Portability and productivity at a premium price

The Pixel Slate and Keyboard aren’t for everyone when there are less expensive 2-in-1 Chromebooks available. But if you want the best of both a Chrome OS desktop and a tablet mode, aside from a few minor issues, this potent package is exceptional.

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