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Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets an updated Intel processor and lower res screen for $499

Around 18 months after being introduced, the Samsung Chromebook Plus has a successor. The new model — simply called Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 — arrives at Best Buy on June 24 with a no change in price from the original model. You’ll pay $499 for version 2, which loses its ARM processor in favor of an Intel Celeron 3965Y.

That 1.5 GHz, dual-core chip launched roughly a year ago, so it’s not the latest and greatest that Intel has to offer. However, the integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 does support 4K resolution at 60fps. You can take advantage of that with external monitor, since the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 now uses a 12.2-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution panel with 300 nits. The first edition panel was a 12.3-inch 2400 x 1600 resolution screen with 370 nits of brightness, so the display is a step down.

The 2.93 pound 2-in-1 Chromebook still has a 360-degree screen for tablet use and includes a stylus. That’s a jump up in weight as the first model was 2.38 pounds. You’ll have 4 GB of memory and 32 GB of local storage along with a microSD card for memory expansion up to 400 GB more. There’s a pair of USB Type-C ports like the old version but also includes one standard USB 3.0 port as well. There still a 720p front camera but now Samsung has added a 13 MP sensor on the back. And by “back”, I mean just above the keyboard: When you flip the screen over, the camera is on the back of the device.

Both old and new models share the same battery rating of 39 wH, so the battery life should be about the same 8.5 hours or so: The Intel processor has a TDP of 6W, which is essentially the same as the 6.05W of the OP1 chip used in the original.

So from a chip standpoint, you may get more performance without sacrificing battery life between the first and second versions of the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Then again, you will be carrying a heavier device that has a lower resolution display.




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Kevin C. Tofel

11 thoughts on “Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 gets an updated Intel processor and lower res screen for $499

  1. Given the performance of the processor in the Plus, this actually seems like a much more reasonable resolution for the display. But the reduction in nits was probably to keep the battery life and TDP on par with the original version. The world-facing camera is a very nice touch and makes me wonder if Samsung isn’t shifting its target more toward the EDU market, even though this isn’t a rugged build.

  2. Seems like a weird upgrade, also their page seems to have contradictory information. It says the screen has a 16:10 aspect ratio and up at the top it says it has a 1920×1080 screen … that’s not 16:10. I wonder if it’s really 1920×1200.

  3. Larger, heavier, inferior display, and most regrettably loss of the 3:2 form factor make for an undesirable upgrade IMO. Would not be surprised if the Pro gets the same treatment.

  4. Yeah, the screen ratio decision seems an odd one. Wonder what is going on there (wrong information or a conscious move away from 3:2).

  5. The two USB Type-C ports are now on the same side versus the more practical one on each side location of the original model.

    1. Yup, I’m not a fan of that choice at all. I’d rather be able to charge from either side.

  6. This feels like a lesser Chromebook Pro, rather than a 2nd-gen Plus. How did they manage to add a half pound to the weight, while making the display worse?

    Also, can we mention Intel’s odd and confusing use of the “Celeron” brand for two vastly different chip families?

    (Ok, that’s enough curmudgeoning for one comment.)

    1. What?!? It’s a second generation product. How can it possibly be worse than the prior edition? ?

    2. OK. So, Samsung’s B-team took a shot at making some trade-offs to improve performance while preserving pricing and battery life. The consensus everywhere is that they failed miserably and that V1 wasn’t so bad after all. Doesn’t irk me since I swore off from buying Samsung products years ago after a couple of costly disappointments in reliability. That convinced me that Samsung is all about selling the sizzle.

  7. To me, this seems like a big improvement. Previous screen resolution was overkill for a 12 inch panel. Lower resolution should also make for a longer battery life. And, with an Intel cpu it can now run Windows apps. Hello NotePad++. Anyone have an opinion on the keyboard. The video says the keys are sculpted, that’s a good sign.

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