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What’s the difference between Developer Mode and the Dev Channel on a Chromebook?

New Chromebook owners eventually hear about both Developer Mode and the Dev Channel of Chrome OS, wondering if they’re the same thing. They’re not. Here’s an explanation and how to change Chrome OS channels on your Chromebook.

Chrome OS 72 bringing Google Assistant to more Chromebooks: Here’s how it looks

Now that Google Assistant is a native feature on Chrome OS, meaning you can use it without having the Play Store enabled, it makes sense for most, if not all, Chromebooks to get it. This video demo shows you what to look forward to when it arrives.

Project Crostini with Linux app support should hit Chrome OS Beta Channel this week

After running Linux apps on my Pixelbook using Dev Channel for the past few months, I’m looking forward to doing the same on the Beta Channel. Based on the Chromium OS schedule, the Beta version of Chrome OS 69 is slated for August 2, which is this Thursday.

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