Some Chromebook cameras not working after a recent Chrome OS update (Updated)

Has your Chromebook camera stopped working after a recent Chrome OS update? You’re not alone and Google expects a software fix later this week.

Google to push a fix to Chromebooks that locked users out after the last Chrome OS 91 update

Google will be pushing out a fix to Chrome OS devices on Wednesday, according to its Customer Care Portal. That’s great, but how many people already factory reset their Chromebook and lost local data?

Updated Chrome OS 91 Stable Channel fixes broken clipboard in Linux on Chromebooks

A Chrome OS 91 Stable Channel update was released this week that fixes the broken clipboard in Linux on Chromebooks. You can now copy and paste data between the two software platforms again.

Chrome OS 80 likely to fix notification actions on external monitors

Using an external monitor with your Chromebook? If so, you may have noticed that notifications may only be actionable on your device’s internal display. That’s getting fixed but not likely in time for Chrome OS 79.

Chrome OS 79 to add custom font settings and more to Reader Mode on Chromebooks

Chrome OS 79 is expected to add custom settings to the Reader Mode on Chromebooks, including choice of font, font size and more. Here’s a great example of what it should like, based on a currently available Chrome extension.

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