Linux package installs on Chromebooks to show app name, version and details, possibly in Chrome OS 73

Curious what you’re actually installing when you add a Linux app to your Chromebook? A new dialog box, possibly ready for Chrome OS 73, will provide the app name, version and details before you click that install button.

VPN TUN support coming soon to Linux on Chromebooks with Crostini

A small code change will lead to a largely desired function, particularly for enterprise users: VPN support for Linux apps in Crostini on a Chromebook. Yes, you can use an Android VPN app for Chrome OS, but that security won’t extend to Linux.

How to use a non-Pixel Android phone for Instant Tethering on a Chromebook

Originally only for Chromebook users with a Google Pixel phone, the Instant Tethering feature of Chrome OS now supports non-Pixel Android handsets in the Dev Channel. Here’s how to use it and which phones, so far, work with it.

Audio support for Linux on Chromebooks appears to be pushed back to Chrome OS 74

After making good progress on audio support for Linux apps on Chrome OS, the feature appears to have missed the cut for Chrome OS 73: Tune in to Chrome OS 74, at the earliest, for audio playback in Project Crostini.

Chrome OS 73 Dev Channel adds Google Drive, Play Files mount in Linux, USB device management and Crostini backup flag

The Chrome OS 73 Dev Channel brings a bunch of useful features to Project Crostini on Chromebooks. You can now mount your Google Drive and Google Play files in Linux. Plus there are new flags to enable a Crostini file backup function that’s in the works.

Pixel Slate tablet animation lag software fix, reduced memory footprint on Google’s radar

Turns out that Google has known about the tablet overview mode animation lag since before the Pixel Slate even shipped, based on bug reports. One trace indicates 1.5GB of memory in use for the graphics, which help explain issues in the Celeron model.

Chromebook file sharing with Linux feature pushed back to Chrome OS 73

If you got used to the Share with Linux files feature on your Chromebook, you might want to get un-used to it. The latest Dev Channel release of Chrome OS removes it with a new target version of Chrome OS 73. Here’s why.

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