Chrome OS 97 Stable Channel arrives: What you need to know

The Chrome OS 97 Stable Channel is rolling out, although Google hasn’t detailed the new features. Here’s what’s in the Chrome OS 97 update for Chromebooks

Chrome OS 97 adds custom virtual desk templates for saving apps and workspaces

There’s a new flag in Chrome OS 97 to enable virtual desk templates on a Chromebook. This allows you save a virtual workspace with apps and tabs, so you can later restore the space.

Chrome OS Sharing Hub has a nice copy to clipboard Chromebook feature

I previously wrote about the upcoming Chrome OS Sharing Hub which adds a sharing icon to shoot a web link to my installed Progressive Web Applications. A Chrome OS flag adds copy to clipboard functionality to the Hub.

You’ll soon be able to easily run multiple Linux containers on Chromebooks

While you could always spawn multiple containers on a Chromebook, the process wasn’t end-user friendly. Soon it will be, so you can run multiple Linux containers on Chromebooks, using different distros.

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