Snapdragon 7c Chromebook test: “roughly equivalent to the Pentium Silver N5030”

Results from the first performance test of a Snapdragon 7c Chromebook compare favorably to Intel Celeron devices. But in a head-to-head against a Pentium it’s much closer.

How I turned an old Chromebook Pixel into a native Linux laptop running Ubuntu

Got an old Chromebook lying around that’s not getting software updates anymore? One option is to flash the firmware so you can install whatever OS you want. I did just that by installing Linux on a 2013 Chromebook Pixel. Here’s how.

Acer debuts a pair of durable Chromebooks for the enterprise, starting at $499

The new Acer Chromebook 714 and 715 can withstand 4-foot drops and 132-pounds of pressure, so they’re durable. A fingerprint sensor and dedicated number pad bring security and productivity in the workplace.

How I code on a Chromebook using Python and a Raspberry Pi

There are several ways to code on a Chromebook, but many of the require extra effort, compromise security or cost too much. I’ve settled on a simple, inexpensive method to meet my requirements until a more native solution comes along.

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